by Juggernaut

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released February 20, 2017

feat Egor from Power Play




Juggernaut Kyiv, Ukraine

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Track Name: Last Words Of Broken And Guilty (feat Egor from Power Play)
you don't even realise
what i've become, what i've become
because of you
your filthy soul - destroyed my world

at the end of a newborn day
your own thoughts pounces like sharks
no place to hide, nowhere to run
you don't need an enemy to have a war

thrown loop around neck
your prayers became my point of no return
life forwards in the right direction
embrace this sickness with open arms

kiss the bottle
pull the trigger
look at the mirror
and pacify your demons and ghosts

no, never again... despite all predjustice - i'm healing and recovering
these 4 walls will test my faith and strength in my own choice
suffering burn out to salvation on the gravestone
each of us is the creator of his own destiny

at the end of a newborn day
you don't need an enemy to have a war

no more
i'll burn you body to the ground